There were a few reasons Taylor Swift had to make a wardrobe statement last night at the People’s Choice Awards:

It was her first red carpet since breaking up with Harry Styles and Katy Perry, who’s dating her ex, and appears to be very happy about it, was there too. It doesn’t mean that Taylor and Katy despise each other, of course not. But when you’re suddenly single, again, and the guy who broke your heart doesn’t seem to mind going public with his next, and she shows up at the same event, and wins a lot of awards too, well, if you want to look extra, extra, extra good, this is understandable.

And she made a great choice.

Well done on avoiding sparkles and sequins. Well done on the cleave plunge. Well done on the earrings and the no fringe. And thank you for confirming the breast enhancement? Seems like it was a modest enlargement.  Too bad her acceptance was so lame. Can we blame Olivia Munn for that?

As for Harry, he was out last night too at a private dinner hosted by Tom Ford. Fancy! I’ve decided I now want Harry to be with Selena Gomez. One love could yield so much good gossip, including a major Justin Bieber meltdown.