Billboard Magazine has named Taylor Swift “Woman of the Year”. She will be honoured at a gala event on December 2nd in New York, the youngest ever to receive the award.

Swift has sold more albums in 2011 than anyone else. Her tour is mega successful. I mean, I get it on paper why it had to be her. On paper. There are certainly the numbers to back up their decision. Billboard, after all, charts on sales. And at 21, Taylor is, technically, biologically, indeed, she is a woman.
So of course, they’re well in reason to make that call. Totally, totally justifiable.

I just...

Like when I think of a Woman, when you think of a Woman, do you think of Taylor Swift? Bless her, and it’s one of the things I love about her, that she, at 21, looks 21 and not 41. By choice and calculation. She is selling “girl” to girls!

Woman is a state of mind though. For Taylor Swift, you could argue that that state of mind is still in transition. Which is exciting and refreshing all at once. So can we not push her there before she’s actually ready to get there?

Whatever. This position, it’s a losing position. I am losing this position. She accepted the goddamn title, didn’t she?

Attached - Taylor on Good Morning America today.