It was a straightened and fringed Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards last night, a departure from her usual, and signature, hairspray angel ringlets. I like it. Does Jakey like it? Did Jakey recommend it? As of last week, Jakey and Swifty were still together. This weekend though, so far, there have been no sightings. It seems like one of those relationships, if you can call it that, where every day matters, things can turn quickly, you know?

Anyway, on Friday night, Jakey appeared on Jimmy Fallon – goofy and ridiculous and adorable in a yellow suit with a headband, and equally charming bantering with Jimmy while shooting show promos. Both videos are below. I prefer the behind the scenes clip. Jimmy is the best when he can’t hold his sh-t together. And the two of them giggling is... well... it’s really, really cute.

It appears Jake is determined to stay in our faces – not only on promotion for Love & Other Drugs opening on Wednesday but the trailer for his next film Source Code was just released before the weekend. Obviously he looks hot and great and anxious. I’m not sure though how I feel about the Nicolas Cage premise. Absurd.

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