There were two moments worth watching last night at the Billboard Music Awards: Chris Brown singing BADLY off-key, and all the drama that went down between Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber. More on this in a minute. First, let’s discuss fashion.

HATE the white Atelier Versace on Gomez. I hated it when it was sent down the runway in Paris in January -- click here to see the collection -- and I hate it even more now. It’s tacky, it’s cheap, and I wish Donatella would get her sh-t together.

Everyone seemed to be wearing Zuhair Murad last night, including Taylor Swift. As you know, Zuhair Murad is not my favourite. Here though I’m less offended by the dress than I am with Swift’s return to the big bang and the grey hair, especially considering how well she did at the MET Gala. Click here for a refresher.

Sasha and I texted each other furiously through the whole show and a highlight for us -- apart from when Miguel took out two girls with one jump -- was when Justin Bieber was called up for his first award and you could see Selena and Taylor to the right having a sidebar conversation about... probably nothing. Haven’t you done that before?

“Let’s pretend we’re saying something super interesting to each other.”

Check it starting from the 1:00 minute mark:

THAT is Girl Behaviour. It’s the best.

And could you feel Selena’s embarrassment when Bieber was up on stage getting booed after receiving the Milestone Award?

Embarrassment is the key word in watching back this GIF of the three of them backstage. There’s a LOT going on here, all of it amazing. It happened as Taylor, a friend, and Selena walked by JB who tried to move in for a nuzzle. Right? Look at him. He’s hard up for some tongue. Taylor, as you can see, is repulsed. Which is why she and the other girl are tugging on Selena’s hand. So Selena backs him off. 

Is she backing him off because she’s not into him anymore? Or is she backing him off because she knows her friends aren’t into it anymore? I pick option #2. Because ...Girl Sh-t. It’s Girl Sh-t. We all know Girl Sh-t. In those situations, Girl Sh-t is the most powerful judge. It is the only judge. It’s also why boys act standoffish when girls approach them when they’re surrounded by their crew. See Jordan Catalano. Just like Jordan Catalano though, when her girls aren’t around, Selena’s probably lot more welcoming of JB’s moves.

More evidence that Taylor Swift isn’t down with Selena + Justin anymore?

Um, can we have another question?

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I think Taylor Swift and I are making up. She was totally tolerable last night. More than tolerable. I think we might be friends again.