I saw these photos of Taylor Swift today and was immediately all over that bra. It’s Victoria’s Secret, by the way, and their website is already super slow from all the people crashing it to get to Taylor’s gear. For some reason it’s only available in pink though. I think it’s better in black. Also it’s a great segue to talk about what I’ve been thinking a lot about: bralets (even though, technically, hers is a sports bra).

Have you noticed that “bralets” are a thing right now? A couple of weeks ago, like for four days straight, there were articles coming up about bralets all over the place. I ended up sending this one to Duana and Lorella (we are all generously breasted) for text-discussion. In short, more people, aka millennials, are opting for the bralet over the traditional option with the underwire. I’m actually wearing a bralet today because it’s really hot out and it’ll be even hotter at Formation tonight and I wanted to wear a tank. My favourite tanks hang low down the sides, exposing half my rib cage. This is where a bralet works…but, for me, only at a certain point in my cycle, which is where I happen to be now. About a week after my period is when I’m the least bloated and my tits are the least inflated.

The week before my period and on my period? No f-cking way I can manage a bralet. It just doesn’t hold. That’s what Duana, Lorella, and I were wondering – whether or not this bralet “takeover” is really just for the modest breasted. Or…and this just came to me… the breast-enhanced? More and more people are getting implants – even Taylor Swift is rumoured to have had it done. And when you’re implanted, technically they hold up by themselves, making the bralet a viable option. Is this true or false?

But also, ALSO, does the bralet trend favour certain shapes and sizes? Should we be concerned that there is developing a “bralet privilege”? I have spent many, many hours lately considering this. Please let me know your thoughts… if, that is, it matters to you as much as it matters to me.