All the paps just hanging out on a “gut” feeling today at Bristol Farms were rewarded with a big get -- Taylor Swift grocery shopping, like she’s even pushing her own cart. There are, um, two bags in that cart. When you go grocery shopping, do you put your two bags in the cart, then push the cart to the car, then go back and return the cart? This, to me, is a pain in the ass and a waste of time. I get rid of the cart if I can, if there are only two bags, inside the store. So that I can load up the car and drive away as soon as possible. Maybe it’s just me. And besides, pushing a cart looks way cuter than hobbling around carrying two bags.

You’ll note that Taylor seems to be unaccompanied by security on this shopping trip. Or, more likely, they’ve been framed out of the shot. Come on. We all know by now, right? Celebrities? That they know exactly what they’re doing when they do the things they do?

In other Taylor Swift news, I just learned via Entertainment Weekly that her line of Keds is out now. Click here to see. Do I suck? Because I kinda like the mint green spotted ones and the anchors are good too if only they came in a blue base instead of red.