Written by Duana

Girl portions of the evening are, who are we kidding, the best part of the night. So Gaga wins for "Bad Romance". Gaga's coterie of assistants getting her up to the stage looked like an ordeal. Not a fun time. But it was worth it to hear her a) yell and b) apologize for actually being a fashion pain in the ass. She was actually kind of nerdy, in a great way. It bought me a little more tolerance for her for a minute.

But speaking of tolerance, of course, everything takes a backseat to the Taylor Swift brouhaha. In case you didn't see: black and white rerun of the pertinent moments of her win and rip away. Precious few moments of Kanye though, more of Swifty's hung head. But then we cut to a mournful little thing in a white dress, natch, for a song entitled "You're still an innocent". Um. Ok. Then we cut to the face. Not so much innocent with the dramatic Garbo makeup, Swifty.

It should be noted that I'm generally a fan of this plucky little thing. Even though her singing ain't much better than what she butchered with Stevie Nicks last year. And I'm about to go into a bit of a cynical bit about whether this isn't just "Not a girl, not yet a woman" in a different package --

And then OH MY GOD "32 is still growing up now/who you are is not what you did/you're still an innocent". The only thing she could have possibly done for recourse after the Kanye fiasco was forgive him. Publicly. In song.

And it was slightly overwrought and overdone, and does the forgiving virgin have to be wearing white? And I will freely confess to being a bit of a sap when I hear stuff like this that I probably wrote in the playground in grade 4 when Jennifer Sarah was mean to me - but it basically got the job done. And she didn't smile and she looked sincere and was new! Tough! Taylor in her bare feet! They didn't cut away to audience members reacting to this plucky little thing. It was good TV.

And it bought Taylor another year of media attention, weeks before her new album comes out. I mean, Twitter says some of you hated it - but she was two of the top trending topics last night. Somebody's doing the right thing...

Photos from Kevin Winter/Gettyimages.com