This is the first time we’ve seen Taylor this year, right? If you’ve seen other shots of her in 2017, let me know. This is Taylor yesterday in LA at the gym. Previously it was reported that she was in London shooting the I Don’t Want to Live Forever video with Zayn Malik (it’s his birthday today). Apparently they trash a hotel room because the love they’re singing about is so dark and twisty. While Zayn was papped during the shoot though, Taylor managed to stay undercover. As I wrote last week she’s been pretty stealth for a couple of months and it’s a good skill to work on. To be OK with being missed. Especially since she’s likely not going to be able to stay low in a few weeks, not with a pre-Super Bowl performance planned with AT&T and the Grammys and the release of Fifty Shades Darker, since she’s all up in the soundtrack now.

You know what else I like about how quiet Taylor’s been? She was quiet when someone else was very NOT quiet. Not quiet as in getting up on stage at the Golden Globes and taking credit for soothing the people of South Sudan. Tom Hiddleston’s out-famewhoring a room full of famewhores while Taylor, also a major famewhore, but who had to eat the bulk of the famewhore accusations during their summer of love, was on lockdown in her fame-cave, smug as f-ck, basically like I told you so.