The Academy of Country Music Awards happened last night in Texas. Taylor Swift received the Milestone Award. She’s 25 years old. And she’s making pop music now. They made jokes about it, I think at the Country Music Awards, shortly after 1989 came out? Carrie Underwood? Something about never getting back together?

In recent months though, Taylor and Country have actually gotten back together, although she would say they never broke up in the first place. Now that she’s firmly established in pop and doesn’t have to distance herself from the country genre and repeat the narrative about wanting to do something different (isn’t all her music, even pre-“pop”, kinda pop?) to promote the album. The album is a smash megahit. Taylor can be everything now. And they want her at everything now. Whatever resentment Country has for her (oh it’s there, trust me it’s there), they’d rather have her at the show, for coverage and ratings, and bitch about her later than not have her at all.

Is it almost like a farewell though? During her remarks, she acknowledges her country beginnings, she thanks country for its support. She does not make any promises though. No subtle open-ended hints about “one day” or “in the future” or “I’ll always come home…”


Another promotion for her tour. Every acceptance speech lately has been ending with a shout-out for the tour. Like, who doesn’t know she’s going on tour? The tour is SELLING. Why are we so worried that nobody knows this?

Taylor’s mother, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, presented her with the award. “Mrs Swift didn’t Dina Lohan herself” is how Lorella described her. It’s true.