Taylor Swift is touring in Australia. While driving around today she saw a girl wearing a Taylor Swift t-shirt and pulled over impromptu to meet her. The ended up posing for a few photos. Obviously the best surprise ever for a pre-teen. I’m surprised she’s not telling her story on local tv yet. Maybe in the morning.

As you can imagine, Taylor travels by fleet. It’s not just one car, it’s several cars. So not exactly hard to miss. Which is why the paps were around to capture this moment for us. That’s the required cynical comment and yeah, it was totally convenient, given that Taylor’s been pretty undercover the last few weeks, wanting to get out of Adele’s way, and as some have suggested, maybe out of her own way too. She has mentioned in a few interviews here and there that she wants to keep a lower profile after 1989. She’s been a lot quieter on social media. She’s skipping events. Is it just that she doesn’t want us to get sick of her, or is it that she wants to remain a little elusive until she hits us at the Grammys? Nominations are coming soon.