Taylor Swift loves the number 13. And since it’s Friday the 13th, she just dropped the video for Style, easily one of the best, if not the best, songs on the 1989 album. Also, not surprisingly, she’s wearing shorts.

I love Style. So I was really, really looking forward to this. To be honest then, I’m kinda disappointed. And it’s all personal. Personal because Style, right from the opening beats, as I’ve said many times, feels like an 80s movie montage. Rob Lowe or Judd Nelson or Andrew McCarthy, it’s night, he’s walking down the street, cold, frustrated, can’t get a cab, bright lights in the background behind him, destination unknown, cutting to flashbacks of him with Demi Moore or Molly Ringwald or, ha, Shannen Doherty, in happier times, holding hands at the baseball game, licking ketchup off each other’s noses. And then a shot of him high above the Hollywood Hills, looking down on the lonely city.

The way Taylor’s doing it here, it just doesn’t give me the same vibe. It’s incongruous, the music and the images don’t match. At least not to me. I mean at no point in my visualisation of the song am I seeing clouds, or the beach, you know?

Although I do like the reminder of Aberforth Dumbledore’s two-way mirror.

Does this guy remind you of Josh Henderson? Is it Josh Henderson?