Drake’s 30th birthday was yesterday. There was a party on Sunday in LA to celebrate. Rihanna was not there which is a sure as sh-t sign that they’re off right now. She, by the way, is in New York, and was seen today on the set of Oceans Eight.

But Katy Perry showed up. And John Mayer. And apparently they spoke and there was no drama between them. Also there? Taylor Swift. No interaction reported between Taylor and Katy or Taylor and John. However, HOW.EV.ER. According to Page Six, Taylor did spend a lot of time with Drake.

We’re told Drake joined Swift in her booth after the dinner where they “were intimately flirting, talking closely and laughing. The only person he spent more time with other than his mom was Taylor,” the source said.

Taylor being Taylor, she would have known about the guest list. So, given that she’s showing up to a party and expecting to see two of her nemeses, there’s gonna have to be some incentive. And, the way I see it, that incentive would likely have had to come from Drake himself. They’ve been friends for a while. They’ve been friendly for a while. You remember what song she was running to when she fell off the treadmill in her Apple Music ad?

Taylor and Apple are tight. Drake and Apple are also tight. It is his “preferred platform”. Taylor and Drake are undeniably Apple’s most treasured artists. So these two are business allies for sure. But… could it be anything more?

Well, sh-t. The gossip potential here would be f-cked up to another level. And, certainly, beyond professional partnerships, beneficial to both for gossip reasons. For Taylor, a romantic association with Drake is all kinds of street cred, in her mind. For Drake, to be in Taylor’s life, when she previously flexed her allegiance to Kendrick Lamar, I suppose that might matter too. This is basically Bad Blood on maximum potency. And we haven’t even talked about Rihanna yet. Because if Drake and Taylor are really a thing, like a THING thing, I’m not sure there’s any going back with Rihanna, tattoos or not.