F-ck the Brange and Aniston. Teen cheating is what it’s all about.

So Taylor Swift was dating one of the Jonas Brothers. Joe, I think? Whatever.

They broke up, she decided not to take the discreet route, told everybody he did it over the phone, in like, 27 seconds, all conveniently while she’s promoting her new record. Smart girl.

Yesterday People.com reported exclusively that Joe has now moved on to Camilla Belle - some actress “known for her dark eyebrows”.

No, for real. That’s how her Wiki entry begins.

When Taylor found out that the couple went public, she told OK! Magazine that: "They've been together for months. That's why we broke up.”

Like... I love her! She’s amazing! Taylor Swift WILL throw down. She has a future in gossip.

Here’s Taylor last night at the CMAs, appropriately blinding in her blinding silver dress. It is country music after all. Note that she manages to look her age? Which is 18? Remember that for later when I post photos of Miley JailBait.

Also note that Taylor managed to match the top of her head with the bottom. Not sure why it still happens – girls who curl their hair but leave the top 2 inches straight. You see it all the mall a lot. Taylor usually favours it too.

And this boy they’re all fighting for…


Is this a boy who likes girls?

I’m telling you, Michelle’s theory about boybands - there’s an ugly one, an irrelevant one, a superstar, and a gay.

Look at him. I’m just saying.

Photos from Wenn.com