Page Six reports that Taylor Swift missed Conor Kennedy so much when she went back to Nashville to work that she sent a private plane to pick him up and bring him to see her...which I don’t understand why he didn’t just go with her to begin with. This, obviously, is the source of even more mockery about the relationship but rich and famous people send private planes to pick up their friends and lovers all the time. George Clooney does the same for Stacy Keibler. So in this case, again, it’s not so much about the plane as it is about the fact that they’re together, and who they are, and how into it she is. My sources tell me that she’s also looking at her schedule and trying to coordinate it with his school commitments, seeing as he’s going back to boarding school and all.  Page Six claims that they may even elope.  Before he gets his high school diploma? Can you imagine if his prom becomes their wedding reception? This is the best idea ever.

Taylor is releasing a new album in a few weeks which means there will be many opportunities to be asked about Conor during the promotion. She isn’t known for being as coy as she thinks she is.  No doubt then we will be hearing a lot about this in one way or another. And she may use the opportunity to send him public declarations of affection that he’ll receive on his google alerts in class.