Let’s start with Reeve Carney first. He’s Taylor Swift’s love interest in the video for her song I Knew You Were Trouble. The last time we checked in on Reeve, he was dating (or being used by) Ashley Greene. They’re no longer together, presumably because he wasn’t doing enough for her professionally. No matter. At the time I called her his “starter girlfriend”. And now look at his upgrade. No, it’s not official... yet. But you know how Taylor works. There will be a moment. And in that moment, she will see her future. And then it’s hand-hearts all over again. Conveniently enough, Ashley Greene also hooked up with Joe Jonas who, at one time, was a Taylor’s boyfriend.

But what about Harry Styles!?!?

Well it would appear that Swifty now has some options.

Which is fine. Which is what you want at 22 and when you own the world. But the way the world is now, boys who have “options” are simply, naturally exploring and experimenting; girls who have “options” are easy and loose. What would it look like if America’s most beloved exercised her options? Would they turn on her for having so many options? I would love to see Taylor Swift managing several options. I would defend her for having options.