Taylor Swift is on tour and some of her friends have joined her on the road. She recently bought an estate in Rhode Island and she spent part of the weekend there with her parents and her crew, including Hailee Steinfeld, Jessica Szohr, Ed Sheeran, and Lena Dunham and her boyfriend Jack Antonoff, of Fun. Click here to see a photo that a fan creeped of them while they were eating.

Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham...

I’m kind of obsessed with this friendship, like I am with all celebrity friendships, but particularly girl celebrity friendships.

Taylor and Lena, not to be confused with Taylor and SELena, seemed really into each other at the Grammys -- photos attached. Both have been very publicly complimentary of each other. And they hung out together after the MET Gala earlier this month. Now aren’t you curious about what their sleepovers look like? Or sound like?

As previously mentioned, THIS is the Taylor Swift I find most interesting and likeable. The one who seems to enjoy having friends and being a friend. The one who seems to be able to maintain friendships despite her fame. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get to know better the Taylor Swift who doesn’t tap out on her friends whenever there’s a new guy come along? Because I believe that in spite of all her romantic dramas, Taylor Swift isn’t That Girl. Am I dumb?

Also attached -- Lena Dunham in Brooklyn last week working on Girls. She’s wearing denim shorts and cute green suede loafers. And I’m including these shots because we are too used to seeing photos of celebrities who are skinny. This is why I’m OK with Lena being naked in every.single.episode of Girls. Because that’s how it begins, if it’s to begin at all -- being accustomed to seeing all body types represented, so that we can hopefully de-condition ourselves to what’s “standard”: thigh gap and no flesh. I had a friend recently who looked at photos of Madonna at the MET Gala and remarked that if she worked that hard, she’d want her thighs to be smaller. MADONNA. Why? Because all we see are thighs that look like arms.

We don’t “accuse” Lena Dunham of baby bumping because she doesn’t walk around with a concave stomach. She’s not expected to walk around with a concave stomach to avoid being accused of baby bumping. And she doesn’t have to be paranoid about being accused of baby bumping whenever she eats a f-cking burger.