Taylor Swift won some awards last night at iHeartRadio. Justin Timberlake presented one of them to her. We’ll get to him later, if I feel like it, but I am amazed that in his Instagram post from the event, he didn’t include himself in the photo. The patronising “dear” kills me, though.


My good friend, Taylor... Congrats, dear!!! #iHeartAwards

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Anyway, as JT points out, Taylor at this point in her career has now won over 250 awards. And as we’ve seen, she’s never been able to thank a boyfriend… until now.

Her boyfriend, Adam, also won an award last night (by the way, at one point #IFakeAwards was trending last night) and she looked up at him with hearts in her eyes.

This is not, however, what her face was doing after Justin Bieber opened the show. Remember, this is a girl who knows all the words to all the songs and enthusiastically jumps up and down for all the artists, but one?


Golf claps and a look-away with a sip of water. Don’t tell me that was innocent. Don’t tell me Taylor Swift didn’t know exactly what she was doing and what she would have looked like. She’s aware at all times when the camera is around. This is how she wanted the camera to show her.

But I’m not sure if she knew how the camera would show her outfit. This belted sequined catsuit. Two weeks ago another thin blonde put on a jumpsuit that gave us some weird gunty proportions – Gwyneth Paltrow, remember?

Same thing is happening here with Taylor. From behind it’s no better either. And you know why? This is about greed. The greediness of that belt. She didn’t need that belt. She went with the belt to further highlight the size of her waist. As if you needed a reminder that she has a tiny waist. But in doing so, well, she created a diapered pelvic triangle. Style avarice has its consequences.