Andy Cohen’s new book Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries came out today. Andy is tight with Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelly Ripa. He hangs out with John Mayer. So as much as he says he’s telling Hollywood tales, the tales he can safely tell are nowhere near as good and as gossipy as the ones he has to hold back. The fact that Andy loves gossip, however, and that he’s so close with so many celebrities tells us that celebrities, despite their protestations otherwise, are actually the biggest gossips.

Anyway, the celebrity story that’s getting the most attention right now is the one Andy shares about Taylor Swift from this past MET Gala. Whoopi narrates:


Just in case that video stops working, basically Andy ran into Taylor at the bar and she was trying to see if there was somewhere closer to the stage to hang out. Andy is a true gossip which means he’s a sh-t disturber so he told Taylor that there was a lot of room around her friend Katy, suggesting she go sit over there. Katy who? was Taylor’s reply. Katy Perry, obviously. Taylor then proceeded to tell Andy that Katy is “the exact opposite of her friend”. Of course. That’s Taylor. She couldn’t just shrug or change the subject and not give Andy something to talk about. Never. Taylor is one of those people who HAS to take it there, who can’t help herself but to take it there. Because she is petty. This is why we love her. What would gossip be if Taylor Swift wasn’t petty?

Taylor never owns her petty though. That’s why, after correcting Andy in no uncertain terms that she and Katy are not friends, when, again, there were several other ways she could have redirected his comments, Andy says that she then asked him not to talk about it on his show. So he didn’t. He wrote about it in his book. And this is the kind of detail to look for in Andy’s book. He’s not going to drop bombshells like “X actor and his two friends had an orgy with X actress and her sister!”, but he might give us information that’s even more valuable – the best gossip is often not about gossipy incidents, the best gossip is often character insight: a celebrity’s reaction to a given situation, their impulse in a certain environment, this is the information that can shape analysis of their behaviour, that tells us who they are.

Who is Taylor Swift? She’s the girl who keeps her grudges tucked under tongue, who can’t wait to spit them out – because she wants to be understood or because she wants to bring you on her side?