Carrie Underwood changed ten thousand times last night while co-hosting the Country Music Awards. And every f-cking dress was the sh-ts. I know it’s country and it’s accepted, unwillingly for some, that there’s a different style requirement but this girl, she took it to a new level of ass. Horrid ass. Look for yourself. 

The one with the yellow gash and tie dye and the flowers along one shoulder and the what? What? Is? It? 

Whatever it is it didn’t help. Carrie was defeated last night as Taylor Swift, Country’s reigning princess, swept the CMAs, named not only as Entertainer of the Year, the highest honour, but also as Female Vocalist of the Year, a major upset over Carrie Underwood.

Insert fist pump here.

And here.

And here.

Taylor Swift signed a publishing deal BEFORE establishing herself as a performer. This speaks volumes. This speaks to being CAPABLE. 

Poor Mike Fisher. He probably had to take it all night. Because Carrie is not handling it well. Country B is probably plotting a Tonya Harding on our TSwizzle. 

Many of you find it hard to believe because she has a nice smile and is blonde that Carrie Underwood is anything less than sweet. Well, did you stick around for the end of the show last night? Taylor was so sweet and endearing while collecting the award for Entertainer of the Year. And then Country B interjects to bring the spotlight back on HER.

It’s always about her. 

And while it’s not exactly Kanye styles, it’s this lack of grace that demonstrates what Carrie Underwood is. LOW CLASSY.


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