If it wasn't clear that Taylor Swift has turned the paparazzi and the tabs into her own personal trolling machine, here's the proof. These are pictures of her heading back into the studio yesterday, for the first time since she supposedly left Harry "Real-Life-Daniel-Cleaver" Styles and his adorable gay-baiting ass in the Virgin Islands for good over the holidays (not enough time here to talk about 1D gayness, but oh how I fall for it!).

She's pulling out the over-the-shoulder, direct eye contact with the camera move that has become her signature *wink* to those of us following her every breakup. It's a pose Taylor’s been using lately to say "I split with another Famous, you guyz! I know what you're thinking and I'm loving this!" and now she's even straight up posting that in plain English - her last tweet read:

"Back in the studio. Uh oh..."

If you're a regular Lainey reader, you've known all along that these relationship performances, no matter how fake or real, are ultimately cultivated to keep Taylor in the news, to make sure she's as buzzed about as possible because that's what will sell her records. What I'd like to add to the argument is that maybe we should be thanking her for this? As artificial as it seems sometimes, at least she's trying to give us what we want - more gossip! At least she's not fighting the link between tabloid news and business. Also, tell me if I'm wrong here, but I'd be inclined to be more critical if the product she's shilling, the music, wasn't so fun to listen to!

Already today there's a headline about Max George, the hot skeevy one from The Wanted, lining up to be her new man - I guess the guys are getting wise to Taylor's shrewd tabloid manipulation and want in on the action. So she gets to make hit music, everyone is talking about her, and she gets her pick of pop music's finest men? Taylor wins.