Right now, I really need Taylor Swift to give me a f-cking break.

Here she is, in London today, taking a walk on her own in Hyde Park at the Diana memorial. You know, just a pretty girl with her umbrella, with her thoughts to keep her company, and the swans for inspiration.

Are you kidding me with this?

Fast forward six months from now and we’ll have to hear about a song she came up with on this very day, as she reflected on the life of a fallen princess...and somehow compares herself to the most hunted woman of our time. Two lambs, betrayed by love but never giving up on it. (As her bodyguards try to stay out of the shot.)

You know, I haven’t been so quick with the Swifty hate as a lot of other people. In many ways, I grudgingly admire the way she pimps her brand, even though I may not agree with it, or ascribe to the hand hearty value system she’s selling to her generation. From a business perspective, you cannot argue that it’s a well executed strategy, and she’s demonstrated a much less fragile understanding of it than, say, Britney Spears before her. There is steely determination in Taylor Swift, just as there is steely determination in Lady Gaga. They may go about it in different ways, but at the core lies a pragmatism that’s serving each well to their purposes. Transparency is the difference here.

And my tolerance for stomaching her contrived profundity like she’s filming the kind of videos you find at an Asian karaoke bar, totally un-ironically.