I just want to show you something that I was sent (thank you!) on Instagram today. Watch the second half of this video. It’s ridiculous.

Taylor did not seem to have a problem with the paps when she and Tom Hiddleston went out for dinner last week. In fact, they were smiling and laughing for the cameras. They were also smiling and laughing for the cameras when they went to England to visit his family. And upon arrival in Australia. And out for dinner in Australia.

And now, you know, the paps are getting in her way. She doesn’t want the paps around.

Sure. OK. Maybe this means she wants to stay low for a while? Make us miss her, as I’ve been suggesting? Take it undercover? This…wasn’t what I had in mind when I said disappear. Taylor Swift knows how to disappear. This is not disappearing but complaining that everyone can see you.