To rail at someone for one thing – being too much of a childish cutesy-poo when at awards shows, just for example – and then, when they change that, sniff that it still isn’t good enough, is kind of the height of bitchiness.  But that’s how I felt about Taylor Swift anyway.   She looked different, yet not different enough.  She ditched the mermaid princess dresses for a sharp suit and straight hair, but there’s that same red lipstick I’ve been seeing all summer.   She’s no Gwen Stefani, and apparently you can’t keep me happy. 

It wasn’t about Taylor tonight, even though she got to close the show.  Her participation as an audience member was subdued. Dare I say befitting the deportment of a Kennedy?  Is that what her Conor would have wanted?  Did he watch her on the common room TV with the other members of his class? Can you imagine?

Even her performance outfit was boring:  J Crew approved, I’m sure, but did she see what the others wore? There was some effort there.  However, I have fallen hard for her little red oxfords, I would like to own them immediately, and Sasha has been placed on the case – so I guess it’s not a total loss?

Oh, what, the actual song?   Yes, the tune is catchy, but it is officially time to perform as something other than “hey I’m Taylor Swift playing me, singing my song”.   I mean, if she had any sense of humor at all, she would experiment with the whole “older woman” thing.     But…why make the effort?   Why be creative?   Just wear a ponytail.