I don’t love Taylor Swift’s prom curls but lately she’s toned down the cupcake, it’s much better than it used to be. So I can’t decide how I feel about her straight. Maybe it’s the fringe. Would like to see the straight without the fringe.

TSwizzle was out for girls’ night with her friend Emma Stone Wednesday. As previously mentioned, I LOVE Emma Stone. And I love Taylor Swift. And when girls are good friends it’s Happiness. Having said that, Taylor’s also been hanging out with that douchebag John Mayer lately. They collaborated on a song. I won’t speak of this. Let’s pretend it never happened.

Taylor Swift is in New York conveniently during Taylor Lautner’s week at Saturday Night Live. Wonder if she’ll continue the dumb SNL boyfriend/girlfriend cameo that’s almost becoming a tradition. Or maybe a new digital short for Twilight…

There’s potential.

Photos from INFphoto.com