Taylor Swift was not at the MET Gala this year because she was in Tokyo, kicking off the 1989 tour. Are you going? Do you have tickets? I have tickets. I gave Taylor Swift my money for my niece’s Christmas present (she’s going in August in Vancouver) and I’ll be at the show in Toronto. Because, as I’ve told you several times, I LOVE the album. From beginning to end. Which seems to be what she’s performing because the set list is out now. Three, maybe four, songs from her previous album but mostly 1989.



I was worried that Trouble wasn’t on there! I love Trouble! But it’s just because I never know the full song title, I Knew You Were Trouble, and was scanning for a “T”. Shake If Off as the final song makes total sense. I don’t know about Out Of The Woods coming before it though. But that might be my personal preference – a crescendo. If it were me I’d flip We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together with Out Of The Woods. That said, she has promised the show will never fall into a pattern. So the set list will likely change. And she does covers often too. With guests.

Now look at some of the clothes. Shorts and short skirts so far. She said to expect the unexpected. But didn’t you expect that?