Taylor Swift’s new video for her song 22 was released today on GMA. I love it. And it’s exactly what I was saying about Taylor re: Selena Gomez’s post-Bieber fun life with her girls. This is the version of Taylor Swift I wish we could have more of -- surrounded by friends, silly dancing, making memories that don’t necessarily have to include boys...

But is it really like this when the cameras come off? For her, I hope so, I really do.

In other Swift news -- they found a box of discarded unopened fan letters for her in a dumpster, and the implication, of course, is that she doesn’t read her fan-mail. An obvious f-ck up by her management, or whoever is paid by her management to manage these situations, and their excuse was that it was a mistake and that those letters were tossed out in error with the recycling...which...you know... it’s kinda like Santa Claus, right? At a certain point, you stop believing that your favourite celebrity actually reads the card you made for her, the one you worked on for two weeks, with special glitter glue and a fresh set of markers.

Do you remember when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?

Is this still a parenting concern?

At what age should I tell my child that Santa Claus doesn’t exist? I don’t want little Jimmy to hear about it shockingly at school.

Similarly, at what age should you tell your child that pop stars don’t read fan-mail?

Attached -- Swift in rehearsal earlier this week for her upcoming tour.