It’s gorgeous in New York today. I f-cking love it here. But if you didn’t know how nice it is, Taylor Swift will show you. She wore a springtime dress while out in the city. She wore a springtime headband and carried her bag like a basket. And the flowerbeds just appeared.

Can you imagine life like that? Every day is a fairy tale turned into a video.

Taylor is becoming a proper NYC resident now. She bought a mega apartment. She’s shopping every day for fresh blooms and pottery. She walks (with security). She has decided that this is a New York time for her New York state of mind. It’s going to be the next album, watch. New York is the only boyfriend she needs right now.

So, no, she’s not missing anyone or anything is what she’s trying to say, even though Selena Gomez unfollowed her on social media. It’s an official breakup. Apparently the fans noticed yesterday that Selena was clearing out on Instagram. And since she was at Coachella with Justin Bieber, the assumption is that even though Taylor’s out of her life, JB is still very much in it.

New York or Justin Bieber? Come ON.

Also attached – Selena out with some other friends on Monday.