Mentioned this the other day at the Teen Choice Awards – Taylor Swift’s hair, click here for a refresher. Then yesterday at The Giver press conference in New York…

Really, really cute outfit. I LOVE it. And it’s H&M. So if you can find it, you can probably afford it.

But what is up with the hair?

This is the most successful recording artist of the last few years. She’s a big f-cking deal, Taylor Swift. So it can’t be about access. But is it about accessibility?

Do you relate to her more when she’s wearing her hair like she’s heading to a PTA meeting in her minivan…in 1985? And will that encourage you to go see the movie? Buy her next album? The album, I’m told, is pretty much ready. And they’re definitely readying it for this year. The sound? Pop. Total pop. I hear there’s nothing country about it.

OK but can we work on better hair for the album cover?