Taylor Swift sang All Too Well last night and whipped her hair during the performance because by that point, we all needed a little excitement. It’s not that she wasn’t good. It’s just that everything leading up to her was so… low energy. So I was happy to have the opportunity to see the layers in her hair. And I wonder why she insists on keeping it such an ashy blonde. This is the colour of an old woman’s wig. Which is why, though her dress was actually kind of amazing, I couldn’t care about it the way I wanted to.

Love the t-shirt collar and sleeves, love the metal mesh, and on someone else, someone like, say, Rihanna, this would be worth talking about or fighting about…a lot. But Taylor has a way of making everything look the same. And in that sense, the dress becomes such a waste.

But no one’s thinking about the dress anymore. Everyone is thinking about what happened at the end, as Team Taylor waited for the Album of the Year announcement and …there was an “R”… but it turned into “Random Access Memories” instead of “RED”.

I feel for her here, I do. There’s nothing wrong in wanting to win, badly. And there’s something honest in this reaction, otherwise she wouldn’t have let herself be seen in this way – she’s experienced enough to know that the camera is always on, always watching. And she still let herself go. And EVERYONE saw. Even PEOPLE.com posted about it in an article titled “So, Taylor Swift Thought She Won the Grammy for Album of the Year (But She Didn't)”. See, this is the kind of thing that makes me like her more. She lost to two robots. But she’s not always a robot. Although I wonder if this is the kind of incident that might turn her into more of one.