Taylor Swift has been quiet. For a couple of weeks now. Nothing on social media this week, not even a Thanksgiving message? At the time of this writing (Friday 6am) there’s been nothing. Taylor spent the week in New Zealand. She was apparently shooting a new music video (possibly endangering birds). Which means she’ll be releasing another single off of 1989. Calvin Harris was reportedly with her. What are the chances that he’s in the video? If he’s in the video, I feel like it’ll be I Know Places. And they have been kinda hiding this week. For me though, if I had to choose for her, the next single would be New Romantics. Not sure if having Calvin in the video for that fits into the theme of the song though.

Anyway, Taylor kicks off the Australian leg of the 1989 tour on Saturday. And there are reports that she was scheduled to attend the ARIA Awards in Sydney yesterday. Local gossips claim that she was even supposed to talk to Alli Simpson (Cody’s sister) on the red carpet and Alli called Gigi Hadid a few hours before to make sure she was coming and everyone thought she was coming but she bailed at the last minute. On Friday she was seen boarding a private jet out of New Zealand heading to Australia. I don’t know about this story, not only because it originated out of the Daily Mail but because it sounds super Mickey Mouse.

A star at Taylor Swift’s level doesn’t just show up without her appearance being headlined. Like the event organisers, if they had gotten a commitment from Taylor’s people that she wanted to show, would have turned that into publicity. Never once was there a promise from ARIA that Taylor Swift was expected. And…

Why would Gigi Hadid be the contact person for Taylor Swift’s whereabouts and not her publicist?

Taylor stayed away from the American Music Awards. On her own turf. It’d make no sense for her to say no to the AMAs and yes to the ARIA Awards, no disrespect to the ARIA Awards. As for all the speculation that she’s gone radio silent because of the number 25…

Well now that makes sense.

Everyone is staying the f-ck away from Adele right now. And I don’t say that in a “suck it, Taylor” way either. 1989 is a great album. I love it, still. 25 is a great album. I love it, now. And if that motivates Taylor to write more great songs, I’m ready. I want it. Give me.

Speaking of Taylor and Thanksgiving though…

It’s the five year anniversary of these pictures that happened on Thanksgiving in New York.

Attached - Taylor leaving Palm Restaurant in Beverly Hills last week.