Tom Hiddleston was in San Diego for Comic-Con. Then he was seen at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills accompanied by members of Taylor Swift’s security team. Tom flew to New York for a few days and then was seen flying back to LA yesterday. Taylor, meanwhile, spent some time in Nashville while Tom was gone – at least according to the superfans who track her plane. Those same superfans noticed that her plane was back in LA around the time Tom was flying to LA from New York. So. For what it’s worth, there is aviation information that supports the fact that Swoki is unbroken. And will hopefully stay that way until the Emmys so they can make their red carpet debut…

Which will not be at the MTV VMAs. Beyoncé led the way with 11 nominations. And some are pointing to Taylor’s zero nominations as a big ass snub especially since Out Of The Woods and Wildest Dreams were both eligible. First of all, neither one of those videos stands up to any of the videos nominated for Video Of The Year and second, according to Gossip Cop, experts at positive celebrity spin, Taylor’s team did not submit her videos for consideration this year.

Is it actually possible that Taylor Swift would excuse herself from awards consideration? I mean, she’s entitled, but I’m not sure she’s stupid. She knows what a big deal Adele is. And there is no f-cking way she’s not aware of the amazingness of Lemonade. If she doesn’t submit for nomination, it means the answer can always be I wasn’t even in the race. Instead of I was in the race and… lost. This time.

This time. Because Single Ladies. A song and video that kicked off a universally recognised dance move, an established pop culture moment, and you can barely remember the one that ended up winning.