Yesterday Beyoncé gave us a shot of herself running on the treadmill, in WEDGE HEELS. That’s the Beyoncé brand. Of course she runs and works out in wedge heels. Practically it makes sense, since when she’s on stage, she’s handling choreography in heels all the time. Non-practically it makes sense because, well, Beyoncé doesn’t face the limitations that humans do. She’s Beyonce. She would never faceplant on a treadmill…not even if it’s a stunt-double doing it for her.

How about Taylor Swift though?

Taylor made up with Apple, as you know, and now she’s starring in a new ad for Apple that was released today.

“Based on true events.” So we are to believe that Taylor’s still that dorky, goofy girl who gets so into the music and is so uncoordinated she would actually trip over herself while running, OMG, just like us! With Taylor though, she is so dedicated to the music, and supporting the artists, that she doesn’t miss a lyric.

Attached - Taylor out for dinner in Hollywood on Monday.