Tea Leoni and David Duchovny were in New York last night at the Unicef Snowflake Ball, a very public official show of togetherness, seeming to have successfully moved beyond his sex addictions and subsequent infidelities. Tea’s not a dumbass, not a bimbo who mutely takes what’s put before her without a fight and without an opinion. I suppose when I was younger I would be judging her harshly. Today I admire her propensity for forgiveness. Hopefully it’s in direct proportion to his ability to be forgiven. But this is not the point. It takes strength to forgive as gracefully as she appears to have. This is not in me. I doubt it will ever be. But Tiger Woods is hoping for the same from Elin Nordegren. Sounds like his entire team is hoping for the same from Elin Nordegren. And that’s a problem right there. She didn’t marry a person. She married a f-cking corporation.

Photos from Wenn.com