It will be 8 years for us in November, and it’s good, but it’s work. Sometimes it’s very hard work. Anyone who tells you it’s not, and that love is all that matters, is either lying to you or a Twi-Hard.

Tea Leoni knows about the work. She and David Duchovny are continuing to work on it. After 12 years together, 2 children, infidelity and sex addiction, and rehab for sex addiction, nefarious claims by some trampy tennis instructor, all splashed across the tabloids, they’ve decided there’s more to their story still and have been spotted together and happy on several occasions recently, including this weekend on the beach, splashing around in the water, with their kids, obviously not ready yet to walk away from their marriage.

Some of you might say – oh there’s no way, there’s no way I could after he’s been unfaithful. I don’t disagree. I suppose it’s what each person can bear. And for them, perhaps, the good things outweigh the sh-ts. Which, by a glass half full perspective, means there’s actually something worth saving. So their marriage must be worth saving. But always there’s a cost. We married people call that compromise.

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