Ahead of its premiere in Cannes, a teaser for Macbeth has been released featuring Michael Fassbender and ending with Marion Cotillard and the line:

What’s done cannot be undone.
To bed, to bed, to bed

She only says “to bed” once here in the preview but you’ll recall from English class that it’s almost like a mantra for her at that point. We spent an entire hour comparing “What’s done cannot be undone” to “What’s done is done” from the first act. And how a small difference in wording can mean everything in intention. How “what’s done is done” is like a shrug. And “what’s done cannot be undone” is rueful and our teacher told us it was a track on Lady Macbeth’s perspective. Then our homework was to come up with our own minor tweak to a short sentence that changes its meaning. We all ended up failing that assignment which was the point because Shakespeare is hard.

Here’s Marion at the Dior presentation the other day. Dior for the Palais at the premiere, probably right?