I was late calling my mother yesterday. Occasion phone calls must happen before noon wherever she is. But time, time in a casino doesn’t the work the same way. I never know the time here. So I phoned her past noon and I knew it would be trouble. She would find a way to profit, of course she would. But first, like a junkie, she made me tell her about every table game, my wins and losses. I could hear her mouth watering on the other end.

Some mothers teach their daughters how to bake. How to sew. How to dress a table. My mother’s gift to me was gambling. The best gift ever. I should have thanked her earlier yesterday. I should have and I didn’t. And now I must pay. She probably planned it that way.

Yesterday in Vancouver it was a Mother’s Day for teens!

Twilight/New Moon stars Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning, and Cameron Bright were spotted with their moms downtown, and also the adorable Selena Gomez with her arms wrapped around mom in a publicly affectionate moment. My mother would slap me if I ever did this.

I love this Selena Gomez. If I had to go back to being 16, I’d want to look like her. She is the cutest.

Also attached – photos of Selena with Joey King, her costar in Ramona and Beezus. Joey plays Ramona.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images