Nothing but love for the steeze that Tegan and Sara brought to the carpet at the Oscars, and not just because they’re Canadian. Also not just because Mae Whitman is in their I Was A Fool video. But that too. All of that, on top of the fact that they are talented and awesome and cute and not too cool to be excited and nervous and enthusiastic about being at the F-CKING OSCARS! And singing at the Oscars!

No, it’s not a great song.

But come on, does it matter?

How can it matter when that performance was ridiculous and mental and fun, SO FUN, so absurd, in all the right ways? The entire etalk Oscar team watched the show together at the hotel and all of us were smiling and laughing and not really understanding the whole time and it was perfect. It was exactly the kind of perfect that the Oscar system – and not just the show – needs more of. If you expand your Best Picture category to 10 spots, then include some of that alongside your arty Birdmans and give us a more complete landscape of what it means to be at the movies. Where we can enjoy the thespian monologues AND the crazy dancing toys. Isn’t that allowed?