When you go into the database of a photo agency, the pictures come up slightly bigger than thumbnail size. I also have bad eyes so often I either can’t make out who it is at first glance or I get it completely wrong. Today I went into the agency and took a quick look at these shots and wondered to myself how I could have possibly missed the news that Kristen Stewart is dating Scott Speedman...what?

It wasn’t of course Kristen Stewart at all. But Teresa Palmer looks a lot like her. And Teresa Palmer is the one dating Scott Speedman. In these shots though, the way they appear as a couple, with the shades, and the backpack, there is a striking similarity too to Stewart and her boyfriend Robert Pattinson, non?

Here, I’ll attach several shots for comparison. Just me or do you see?

Scott Speedman is HOT.

Pattinson is currently in Toronto shooting Cosmopolis. Last night they were filming outside, a scene that involved Pretty getting a pie tossed in his face which...I’m actually surprised and disappointed Michael K from Dlisted hasn’t offered his trademark hilarious take on these yet because he doesn’t usually turn a dribbly opportunity.

Photos from Mitchell/GP/Whittle/Splashnewsonline.com and INF