Do I need to remind you of the eyesores she’s worn before? Here…let me remind you. But still…in the past… I have refused to cut Patricia Arquette. Because in spite of the example set by other prime time players on television, Patricia has avoided the Teri Hatcher habit of squeezing the life out of her face and the other endless examples of emaciated celebrity garishly illustrated by her peers. Besides, who doesn’t love some heaving cleave? And who can help but admire how wonderfully inoffensive she looked at the SAGs? Or how smitten she is with her husband Thomas Jane? And how smitten he is with her! One of my favourite moments of the show – when Chandra’s name was announced and both Thomas and Kevin Bacon consoled their wives lovingly and not for the benefit of the cameras, a rare glimpse of two authentic showbiz relationships…no complaints here.