Ms Z showed up at a pre-BAFTA Vogue event on Saturday night looking like complete arse. Thank Goddess things improved for the main show on Sunday. She appeared a lot more pulled together, if not a bit frozen. Anyway, gossips are now raging all over the UK that Renee was making goo goo eyes at George Clooney all night, looking at him “longingly” throughout the evening, perhaps eager to rekindle whatever it was that they shared a few years ago, pre-Kenny, pre-spinal injury. Now I know you George fans will be unlikely to receive this news with any kind of enthusiasm but you have to admit – isn’t the prospect of a Clooney/Zellweger hookup much more preferable than having him caught up in the bloodsucking death trap called Teri Hatcher? Between sh*t and diarrhea, let’s go with the lesser evil, shall we?