So Teri"s coming out with a book. And to publicise the book, she goes on Oprah. While she"s on Oprah, she discusses her history of abuse, she discusses how it affected her marriage, she was open and honest, and I dare say - I actually liked her. But then came the big mistake. Because just when you thought it was a well executed, image boosting appearance, out comes the Ryan Seacrest question. And instead of dodging the issue like a professional, Teri decided to come clean and reveal that she went on 3 dates with Ryan, the third of which resulted in the famous kissing photos, which subsequently resulting in him DUMPING HER because he couldn"t handle the attention. Let me just repeat that. Ryan Seacrest dumped Teri Hatcher. Ryan Seacrest dumped Teri Hatcher. Is this really something she should be sharing??? Getting ditched is one thing. But getting ditched by Ryan Seacrest??? I"m sorry, but that is some serious shame - a permanent black mark on her dating resume. I mean, who would hook up with someone that even Seacrest didn"t want??? And while we"re at it, if that was Angelina Jolie he was caught with - do you think would have made the same decision to get the f*ck out??? I seriously doubt it. And therein lies the double embarassment. Because not only did she get rejected by Ryan, she also wasn"t worth tolerating the tabloid attention that would have surely ensued had they eventually coupled. Now when you consider that Ryan Seacrest is a media whore to the mostest - what does that say about Teri Hatcher? Poor Teri! Do you pity? I do. I pity a LOT.