Desperate Housewives is still bringing big ratings. This explains why they’re still invited. But really…it’s not 2004 anymore. People may care about the show, but no one cares about the actors. So far all intents and purposes, it’s like they’re CSI, you know what I mean?

This must be why they insist on slapping us in the face on the carpet for fear we won’t notice.

We notice, we notice. We cringe, we cringe.

Teri Hatcher – who the hell are you?

It was a desperate dress. An attention grab dress. An arty dress worthy of someone arty, worthy of a girl of the moment, not a tv woman clutching to her final moments on a red carpet. Like, when you saw Teri Hatcher last night, your first reaction, wasn’t: oh yeah, Teri Hatcher…?

An afterthought should not be wearing this dress. Keep walking Hatcher… keep walking away.

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