Taraji P. Henson is on an absolute tear with Cookie – and she should be. She’s proud of her work, proud of her career, proud of the doors Empire will open. Did you see Taraji jump when Viola’s name was announced? She was thrilled. And she stood up, encouraging Viola through her speech.

Going into the Emmys, I was looking forward to Terrence because, let’s not forget, he teared up at the Oscars. I don’t think anyone really figured out why – maybe shape-cutting fatigue? What’s that, you ask? Terrence is the inventor of Terryology (if you have some time at lunch, dig into this Rolling Stone article) and, along with his (pretend?) ex-wife Mira, has spent up to 17 hours a day cutting and assembling shapes to develop a new style of math. 1X1=2. I’m really bad at math, but maybe I’ll be really good at Terryology.

They paired Terrence with his Empire partner, Taraji. Do you think Terrence pulls sh-t on set? Of course he does. Do I think Taraji is bothered by Terrence’s general jackassness at the Emmys, like stepping on her lines and giving her a kiss on the cheek? No, I don’t think so. Taraji is focused on her opportunity, and what she can turn this opportunity into. She’s doesn’t seem too concerned with Terrence. She’s been an actress for a long time – they were in Hustle & Flow together! So she knows him, and she knows how to handle him. She doesn’t seem like she would indulge too much Terryology.

Mo’Nique was nominated in the Supporting Actress, Limited Series or Movie category, one of the awards Taraji and Terrence were presenting. Mo’Nique has had a lot to say about Empire, and in particular about Cookie. Mostly that it was her role, FIRST, and then, because of Hollywood politics, the offer was rescinded by Lee Daniels. How amazing would Mo’Nique’s reaction have been if Taraji and Terrence had to hand over her Emmy? She would have been gleeful.