I was so happy to see Tessa Thompson at the Rodarte show yesterday sitting front row. You know Tessa now because you’ve seen Creed, right? TELL ME YOU’VE SEEN CREED. I will also accept the answer, “I’ve not seen Creed but I saw Dear White People”.

Tessa at Rodarte, to me, initially, meant a higher profile. Which would have been amazing as it is. But it turns out, Tessa was there as the new Rodarte muse. Rodarte, up to this point, has been most closely associated with Kirsten Dunst, and also, for a time, Saoirse Ronan, although she’s not been wearing much Rodarte lately. Tessa is an excellent addition to the Rodarte family. Look at her in this outfit. In these pants.

And even though it’s “just clothes”, right now, this sh-t matters. We’ve been talking about representation, equality, diversity, and you know it, you’ve seen it, “fashion girls” have almost always looked one way. But now there’s Tessa. In Rodarte, giving us one flavour, and also at the MADE show last week in entirely another. I can’t wait to see her at the MET Gala. She better be at the MET Gala.