That is not a typo. It’s what to look forward to next year…

The Olympics. All of it. But ESPECIALLY the figure skating. And in figure skating, probably the most intense battle will be between American dance champions Meryl Davis and Charlie White and Canadian champions – and reigning gold medallists – Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir…who train at the same facility.

Tessa and Scott are Canada’s sweethearts. And now they’re starring in their own documentary series for The W Network, chronicling their journey towards Sochi 2014, which begins just 5 weeks after the show premieres (January 2). As you can see from the trailer below (thanks Ritchie!), it’s suggested that the relationship between the two competing pairs isn’t exactly warm. “Civil” is the word that Tessa uses to describe it. And of course that’s the kind of girl sh-t that’s supposed to get us excited. I can’t imagine that Meryl and Charlie wouldn’t have had to sign off on this in some way since there’s so much footage of them in this preview. Does that mean they’re in on the narrative too?

That said, being Canadian, my focus, obviously, is on Tessa and Scott. I love them. I love them, I love them, I love them. So, obviously, I’ll be watching. But I don’t know if I love this idea. Will doing a show five weeks before the games, during their training, be a distraction? Am I a dick for worrying that it might be a distraction?