At The Factory this weekend performing for Les Gays and yes, I feel your temptation to destroy her over the ensemble. But I beg your compassion and lenience. Because in this hot summer gossip drought, who couldn"t use a little camel toe and half a hanging ass from a FRONTAL VIEW?!?!? I"ll forgive her the f&ck me Billy hair, I"ll even forgive the gawdawful one piece disaster and her main gay hairdresser who hasn"t eaten in 3 months. I"ll forgive all that. Because to me, there is nothing like seeing Jessie"s juicy bits getting some much needed air. It"s been much much too long and I"m happy she"s bringin" out the plump guns right when we need them. So in celebration of this momentous occasion, shall we revisit one of my favourite Jessica photos of all time? See the magic that unfolds whenever she pulls out the short shorts? You see? Come on now…doesn"t Monday morning feel so much better?