I just want you to think about why it was okay.  Why it was okay to have a man who beat a woman celebrated, not once but three times.  So many people have to come together to make this happen. Dozens approve a lineup, more get to see it and raise any objections. Sponsors. Other agents and managers. Nobody complained? Or the ones who did got shut down.  
Celebrated.  Not “allowed to attend”, not just “no longer barred”, but celebrated.  Who made those decisions?  Who decides the statute of limitations on brutally beating someone who is in the same room is three years plus one day?

We've stayed away from the topic at large and we won't give him any hits by writing his name. But I want you to understand something:

This is why bullying is a problem. This is the disconnect. All of you in the schools who don't understand what's happening?  This is what's wrong.    

The abuser is a hero. The victim better damn well get over it. That's the narrative and it's so clear. You think that doesn't apply where you are? You think your daughter didn't watch how this went down? Those who have power know this.  They're proven right over and over again.

This is what we can do: Be angry; stay angry.