Jennifer Garner did indeed accompany Ben Affleck to the BAFTAs. Must leave nothing to chance. Not until February 24. Not until the big show. She’s the Mellie Grant of Hollywood. Which is why while Bradley Cooper and the rest were getting sweaty and messy at the BAFTA parties, the Afflecks kept their game faces on.

It’s so close.

Even the Brits have Argo remorse.

I would have liked to see what this race would have looked like if the Academy did not leave Ben Affleck off the Directors list. If Ben Affleck was nominated instead of Benh Zeitlin, what would actually be happening right now? Some say it’s done. Some say it’s Argo, no doubt, for sure, for Best Picture at the Oscars. Others say there’s still time. But they call it momentum for a reason. It’s…infectious. And then there’s the George Clooney factor. At this point then, it’s George and Ben vs Steven Spielberg, two against one.

How’s your ballot looking?

What are you putting $5,000 on? Argo or Lincoln or something else to split the vote?

Prada bag is on the line!

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