Click here if you missed yesterday’s article about why the self-described “aloof” Rooney Mara is so f-cking annoying. You know what that says about a person? The person who calls herself “aloof”? The person who calls herself “aloof” spends a lot of time contemplating her own perceived “aloofness”.

And, also, as my friend Lo emailed yesterday:

“I just get the sense from looking at her that she’s standing there LITERALLY thinking ‘I am such a big f-cking deal right now.’”


Rooney Mara is a big f-cking deal to Rooney Mara. And she’s a bigger f-cking deal to herself this morning as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association just handed her her first Best Actress Drama nomination for Dragon Tattoo Girl. So the smug face you see here, last night at the Dragon Tattoo premiere in New York, will be on that carpet on January 15.

But ...

Do you know what brings her down a level or two?

Lorella, you will love this:

In the E!Online post about it just now, they put up NOOMI RAPACE’s photo instead of Rooney’s! I’ve screencapped it for you in case they figure it out and pull it down.

Amazing, right???

PS. Can’t lie. I really, really LOVE her outfit last night.