Will it be 12 Years A Slave or Gravity? Leo or Matthew McConaughey? Get your ballot ready because this year, you’re playing for a beautiful bag (as always), home furnishings, and SHOES.

A bag and shoes.

Your spring wardrobe is halfway there.

Every year I go shopping for a designer bag. It’s a bittersweet experience. Because in the end, the bag is never mine. It sits in my closet until one of you wins it.

This year, the bag is Chloe “Marcie” satchel. The Marcie is everything –timeless, classic, perfect. Look at it:

I’ve wanted the Marcie for years. And it’s still not mine but it might be yours. The Chloe Marcie is valued at CDN$1950. If you are the gossip with the most correct –and the quickest! – Oscar category predictions, the bag is yours. And more.

See below. Think hard on your ballots. And GOOD LUCK!

Submit your guesses for this year's "BESTS" for your chance to win a designer bag chosen by Lainey, a $500 gift card from Homesense™, and a $500 gift card from ALDO!   

Enter your information in the contest intro page. Maximum one entry per person per email address is allowed. Fill in all applicable fields. Once you've completed the required fields, hit "Submit" to be taken to the ballot.

Once in the ballot, use the pull-down menus to select which people or films you think will win each category. You must enter a choice for each category. If you miss one, you will be prompted to make a selection when you try to submit your ballot. IMPORTANT: Once you make your selections and submit your ballot, you cannot modify your selections. This is important since we are allowing only one entry per email address. So make sure!

The contest will be open until 11:59pm Pacific on March 1, 2014 (the night before the show). The winner will be the person who makes the most correct predictions (and meets all eligibility criteria). In the event of a tie, the tie break will go to the person who meets all eligibility criteria who submitted their ballot earlier than the individual or individuals with whom they are tied. Full contest rules and regulations are here. And click here to go to the contest page! Good luck!!